Chanelle De Nicola Known for Brow Growth and Correcting

Chanelle has been specialising in natural brows correction shaping and growth for 16 years. Not only does she shape brows to suit each individuals face but also analyses the pulls of the individuals muscles in their face so the brows are level. Chanelle also works on slowing down the cycle of regrowth, meaning cleaner brows for longer and less maintenance.

Chanelle only uses spun lace material and natural waxes on the face avoiding pulling and friction tearing of the skin. 

Chanelle will NOT treat clients if using RETINOL OR GLYCOLIC, had a facial of any sort less than 10 days prior or on any skin medication. If clients are using these products they must stop using them at least 10 days before their appointment. If on medication for skin client must be off this for a minimum of three months. Ignoring this, will result in torn/ripped skin also known as friction burns which will scab, puff the eye, and at worse case pigment the skin. It is important not to be dishonest about any of the above.

Brows should always be shaped BEFORE any botox or fillers. This is so Chanelle can shape on your natural form/ brow bones etc  and not on a surface that will change over time when the injection start to fade. Once shaped and leveled as best as possible it is then up to the injector to lift where needed and keep the brows or help the brows become level and even. 

A first visit booking is required when first visiting Chanelle for brows. This first visit is more in depth as Chanelle believes comminication has been lost between clients and therapist and Chanelle wishes to make sure this doesnt happen so she can give her clients the best results.

Chanelles passion is to shape brows and help women struggling to grow their brow hair or need help slowing down their regrowth. Below are the salons services…. Happy reading, happy booking 🙂

First visit Brow shape


Includes Chanelle consulting so that both her and the client understand one another, measuring and shaping. Client must select this service when first visiting the salon. The first visits includes a consultation, a goal plan, shaping, measuring and learning about how your goal brows can be achieved.

First visit Brow shape and tint


This includes the above and a tint.

Tints are mixed with the correct tones for the clients colouring to help give the illusion of fuller brows or adding depth to them. Client must select this service when first visiting the salon. Many salons will use one colour tint to fit all, removing them a different times, but this is STILL just the same tone. Chanelle specialises in mixing colours and tint types to give you the most natural colour to match your hair, skin tone and also the look that you the client is wanting to achieve, be it dramatic or subtle.

Maintenance Shaping


With Chanelles experience and knowledge of the cycle of hair growth, Chanelle likes to put each client on a brow programme. The goal of this is to reduce the speed of regrowth meaning having cleaner, nicely shaped brows for longer.. This service is post FIRST VISITS with Chanelle and it a maintenance shaping..

Facials - Men

Facials - Women


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